Colorado’s Creative Factsheet

Creative Sector Defined: design (architecture, fashion, graphics, furniture, etc.), film and media, heritage museums, literary and publishing, performing arts, visual arts, craft beverages, locally grown foods
  • Colorado’s Creative Industries are the 5th largest employment sector: 186,251 Jobs
, 8,000 Establishments, Payroll $5 Billion

  • Colorado has the 5th highest concentration of artists and creative professionals in the country after New York, California, Massachusetts and Vermont.

  • Colorado has one of the highest per capita concentrations of science, research and engineering facilities in the nation, with 24 federally funded research labs.

  • Colorado creative businesses are growing faster here than in other states. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate of artist occupations is 11% (2008 – 2018).

  • Colorado is 2nd for patents per 1,000 workers and 2nd for entrepreneurial activity.

(Data from three creative economy studies- Colorado Creative Industries: The State of Colorado’s Creative Economy, 2008; Colorado Business Committee for the Arts 2010 Economic Activity Study of Metro Denver Culture; Create Denver- City of Denver 2010 Creative Vitality Index)


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