About C&E

A student-driven academic experience, each year 22 first-year students are admitted into the University of Denver’s Creativity & Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community (C&E LLC).  These students are from different backgrounds and majors. Students live together on the same floor of the residence hall and enroll in a 2- credit seminar during fall, winter, and spring quarters around the themes of creativity and entrepreneurship.  Taught by multiple faculty at DU and regional experts, this multifaceted experience combines real world ideas, project-based assignments, and a plethora of off-campus activities to make learning relevant and immersive.

C&E LLC underwent a redesign with the new version launching in the 2013-2014 academic year.  The purpose of the Creativity & Entrepreneurship community is to expose students to the pervasiveness of creativity and entrepreneurship within all disciplines, empower students to develop their own creative and entrepreneurial capacities, understand how to apply these traits to various problems, and ultimately, take action steps towards making a positive impact on an existing social problem.

Over the course of the academic year, each quarter focuses on a specific element of building student understanding, self-efficacy, and capacity for action.

  • Fall quarter is “Mindsets and Theory”;
  • Winter quarter is “Making and Processes”;
  • and Spring quarter is “Taking Action”.

Throughout this cycle, students engage in short modules to learn risk taking, making things both physically and digitally, and gaining awareness of existing models.  Students experiment with SketchUp, 3D printing, Scratch, Processing, Makey Makeys, aesthetics in design, design thinking, and other skills and principles for being creative.  By the time spring quarter arrives, students have a range of ideas and experiences and collectively decide on a local issue that they want to tackle.  Since innovation is social and requires collective strengths, students work in interdisciplinary teams and use design thinking.  Community mentors, offsite retreats, and other resources are provided to give students the tools they need to accomplish their goal.  This program emphasizes process and perseverance, and fosters divergent thinking and student-driven content as well as open source creation.  Coursework evolves with student interests and adapts to the needs of the group, reflecting the nature of learning as an unpredictable series of events.

For more information, contact Sarabeth Berk

Co-Director of Creativity & Entrepreneurship
Driscoll Student Center, 1
Phone 303-871-2309


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