SPRING WEEKS 1-9: Action


We are in the action quarter.  Students have formed teams and are steadily working on developing innovative solutions to challenges in the community of Denver or on campus at the University of Denver.  By week 10, students will present their solutions to their clients.  Fingers crossed for amazing ideas.

Some teams have chosen to work on the same challenge and are therefore competing against other teams to develop the best solutions.

The challenges they are working on include:

OH HECK YEAH: What is Oh Heck Yeah?

Downtown Denver is home to more than a quarter of all Denver jobs, and anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 people visit the 16th Street Mall per day. Studies continually show that play of any kind makes us more creative, curious and happy. It even contributes to helping build trust between strangers–what a novel thought! By infusing play into public space, we hope to build a community that is more creative and connected. It’s no coincidence that the most innovative people attribute play as the gateway to a good idea. If we can help inspire new ideas by integrating play into the built environment, then our project is a success. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want their city to be more fun?

CHALLENGE:  How might we gain more audience participation from the DU student community and engage them in OHY starting now through this summer?


Driscoll (student center)  is seen as a space on campus that needs to be redone, so what would you do to create the perfect Driscoll? Think of Driscoll as a space to be filled, like a museum, constantly shifting and curated with items that have permanent impermanence. Start with money not being an issue. How can Driscoll become a safe space, a space to hangout after hours, and a place where students want to go? DU already has a school of hospitality, we know how to throw events and provide entertainment. Try to bring elements and resources already existing on campus together in your solution. “Rethink without scraping it.”

CHALLENGE: What would be the perfect Driscoll Student Center? Reimagine the existing space.


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