FALL WEEK 10: Sports Psychology and Performance Mindsets

For the final week of the quarter, Dr. Artur Poczwardowski joined us from the sports psychology department at the University of Denver as a guest lecturer.  The intention was to distill the ideas we covered over the past 9 weeks into some self-reflection. Artur did just that by introducing the concept of mindsets, specifically growth versus fixed mindsets as developed by Carol Dweck (see http://mindsetonline.com/whatisit/about/index.html).

Artur talked with the students about how to “engineer the self”, and asked how they consider their selves.  Do they have growth or fixed mindsets in school, athletics, business, creativity, or math?  Mindsets can be different in different situations, yet by shifting one’s mindset, it can change how excited, curious, positive, and open to new experiences a person is.  Artur also discussed self-regulation, as well as ego orientation versus task orientation.

Artur asked the students countless questions as he engaged them in deep reflection on what it means to be creative and innovative:

  • What effect does your mindset have on your task motivation?
  • How do knowledge, skills, and abilities factor into the overarching categories of expert, performer, or person?
  • What do you choose to focus on and how does positivity change your focus?
  • Who is the “you” in terms of being a performer, for example?

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