FALL WEEK 5: Design Thinking Part II

In the second week of our design thinking process, students reconvened in their teams to troubleshoot how to improve the available navigational systems on the campus of DU for students, visitors, and staff.

We began by watching a video about how IDEO redesigned the standard super market shopping cart and then discussed some brainstorming “myths”, such as how debate and dissent can lead to the generation of more ideas but can also be seen as a judgmental quality.  Next, we revisited the design problem, and teams were asked to redefine the problem of navigation in their own terms.  More ideation commenced to generate ideas that were not captured during the first week, and then teams began sketching, prototyping, and user testing their ideas.

Once again, the marketing and communications department visited class to listen to the solutions that each team created.  One of the most innovative ideas was a bike taxi system that could actually give you a lift to your destination, operated by students, as well as answer questions about the locations of departments and services.  The most technological solution was a sophisticated app for smartphones that included GPS tracking, emergency assistance, informational details within each building, step-by-step navigating, landmarks views, and voice commands and feedback.

Moving through this process, students realized how important it is to ask questions, interview people about their experiences with the problem, and use sketches to visualize their ideas instead of relying solely on discussions.


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