Things got kicked off in the Creativity & Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community during our fall quarter seminar last night.  This is what you missed:

1. We began with a “mocktail” party where students imbibed root beer and Izzy and created name badges with the job title of what they want to be (real or imagined) in 10 years.  Many students want to be “CEO’s of Something” and other students listed being a computer programmer, marketer, or a famous artist as aspirations.

2. We briefly asked for students’ definitions of creativity and entrepreneurship.

3. We read through the syllabus and the course calendar (see the awesome C&E Designed Syllabus and C&E Fall course calendar for fall)

4. We discussed the concept of the 6% Place, a study that occurred in Pittsburgh in 2011.  The 6% place signifies a population tipping point, and theory suggests that if at least 6% of the population is a creative workforce, the whole community changes for the better.

4. Two guest speakers came visited with us: Brian Corrigan and Justin Gitlin to discuss their upcoming project called Oh Heck Yeah, a major video arcade installation to debut in Denver during summer 2014.  Brian and Justin care about creative placemaking and creative economies and how play can change a space into a friendly, inviting, and economically inspiring venue.

photo 4  photo 3 photo 2

C&E’rs- what did you think about the first seminar? Submit a comment as a post.


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